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Memoirs of a Geisha
Now Playing Magazine - Marion,OH,USA
That Steven Spielberg, a longtime developer of the material, astonishingly had the good sense to stay away from this treacle, and chose to make Munich instead ...

Spielberg and Yimou join Olympics
Playfuls.com - Targu Mures,Romania
... Spielberg, whose last movie, Munich, was based on the 1972 Olympic Games terror attack, will act as consultant to the design team led by Chinese director Zhang ...
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Communication is titanic challenge
China Daily - China
... In "Munich," Spielberg approached the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a sense of mission: to encourage both sides to communicate with each other. ...

Terrains de football pour tuer
Voxdei - France
... Si l'on songe au désastre des Jeux Olympiques de Munich en 1972, on se demande s'il ne vaut pas mieux qu'en effet, l'équipe d'Israël ne participe pas à ...

New releases
Kolkata Newsline - New Delhi,India
WITH his latest film, Munich, Steven Spielberg forgoes the emotional bullying and pop thrills that come so easily to him to tell the story of a campaign of ...

Spielberg to serve as '08 Olympic Games adviser
SpielbergFilms.com - Chicago,IL,USA
... Spielberg didn't indicate whether or not he'd be developing a tribute to the 11 slain Israeli athletes murdered during the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. ...
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