Natalie Portman Comments on Steven Spielberg's 'Munich'

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Natalie PortmanIsraeli-born actress Natalie Portman admires Steven Spielberg for making Oscar-nominated movie Munich but admits she doesn't agree with half of the film. The beauty was intrigued to watch Spielberg's depiction of Israel's secret service Mossad exerting revenge following the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Germany.

Portman tells Entertainment Weekly, "(I don't) agree with half of what's in Munich, but political filmmaking is about putting something out there that people aren't going to like."

The actress is preparing to cause similar controversy with her forthcoming movie V For Vendetta, which focuses on a terrorist plot to blow up London's Houses Of Parliament.

Portman explains, "Some people (will be) like, 'This is an anti-fascism movie!' and some like, 'This is Iraq!'

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