'Munich' knocked off overseas throne

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In the absence of any significant new rollouts internationally during the weekend, Steven Spielberg's "Munich," playing in 49 markets, found itself displaced from its No. 1 boxoffice spot by "Les bronzes 3: Amis pour la vie," a French-produced comedy that Warner Bros. is distributing in France.

"Les bronzes 3" grossed an estimated $14.3 million at 950 screens in its second weekend, with an astonishingly strong 1.9 million admissions. The Les Films Christian Fechner, TF1 Films Prods. and TPS Cinema co-production set an all-time opening-weekend admission record last weekend in France with 3 million customers. (The title also is being handled via local distributors in Switzerland and Belgium, for which weekend grosses were not available at press time.)

Although the film's second-weekend gross dropped 41%, the third in a series of comedies about a group of friends on vacation maintained a strong hold on the No. 1 spot in the market, surpassing comparable admission figures in France for "Star Wars" episodes I and III, all three "Harry Potter" titles and "Titanic" as well as three French-language hits, "Asterix et Obelix contre Cesar," "Les visiteurs 2" and "Taxi 2."

The third installment in a series begun in 1978 (following "Les bronzes" and 1979's "Les bronzes font du ski"), "Les bronzes 3" rolled up an estimated French market boxoffice cume of $43.2 million, nearly eight times that of "Munich's" cume in France and an estimated $8.8 million shy of "Munich's" total international cume-to-date ($52 million) in multiple markets.

"Munich," which had dominated the charts for the previous two weeks, pulled an estimated $11 million this weekend at 3,600 screens in 49 markets (nine new). Its global boxoffice cume stands at $96 million. The Spielberg drama performed nicely in opening weeks in Asia: No. 1 in Thailand with an estimated $150,000 from 21 screens; No. 2 in Hong Kong, with $205,000 at 21 sites; and No. 3 in Korea, with $2.1 million from 172 screens.

The third spot for the weekend went to Buena Vista International's unstoppable "Chicken Little," which yielded an estimated $10 million from 2,934 screens in 32 countries. It opened at No. 1 in the U.K. with an estimated $5.3 million from 485 screens and pulled in $1.5 million in its third weekend, on 824 screens, in Germany, for a market cume of $9.3 million.

Fox International's "Walk the Line" and "Big Momma's House 2" finished fourth and fifth, respectively, with the former yielding an estimated $7 million at 1,218 screens in 18 markets (international cume-to-date $18.3 million; domestic $111.7 million) while "House 2" drew an estimated $6 million from 1,257 screens in 11 territories for an international cume of $21 million (domestic cume: $48 million).

Thanks to a former foreign distribution deal with MGM before that company's absorption into Sony, Fox introduced Sony's "The Pink Panther" remake with Steve Martin in Mexico, where it finished No. 1 with an estimated $1.3 million on 436 screens, and in Puerto Rico. The estimated international cume so far is $1.65 million.

With eight Oscar nominations, Focus Features' "Brokeback Mountain" played 19 territories for an estimated weekend tally of $5 million, raising its international cume to about $38.5 million. Sony International's "Fun With Dick and Jane" pulled in an estimated $5.7 million for the weekend from 2,675 screens in 50 markets. Its international cume is $62 million. In 38 markets, "Memoirs of a Geisha" (via Sony and Spyglass Entertainment) yielded a weekend estimate of $5.2 million for an international cume-to-date of $70.9 million.

BVI's "Bambi II," only available on DVD in the U.S., held strongly at an estimated $3.6 million in its second weekend internationally on 1,234 screens in 10 markets. In France, the title jumped 10% to $2.2 million at 576 screens. The distributor's "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe" moved its worldwide cume to $657 million, of which $372.2 million is international, with an estimated $3 million weekend at 3,867 screens.

Universal's "King Kong" tailed off to an estimated $650,000 at 800 dates in 30 territories for a 61-day international cume of $324.7 million.

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