Dear Friend of Israel:

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Dear Friend of Israel:

The massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the hands of Palestinian terrorists on a September day in 1972 at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, created a legacy of terror and death that is with us today:

Thirty years later, with terrorism still a daily fact of life not only for Israel but the entire world, it is imperative to remember the events and lessons of that fateful day. Read today about those dramatic events in "Terror at the Games," an exclusive, Internet-only, Jerusalem Post "Special Collection." Click here now to read it today.

This collection contains, among many other items, Jerusalem Post articles from 1972 never before available online. One of the first articles you will see is the Post's infamous first report claiming most of the athletes were recovered safely. These articles are not available anywhere else, will not be collected in book form and are available only at this web site. Click here now to read.

Relive the dramatic events in moment-by-moment descriptions by Jerusalem Post reporters who were on the scene. Read a special account by former ABC broadcaster Howard Cosell, who was at the Games.

And read about the dramatic aftermath, as Israel's super-secret "Committee X" and Mossad hit teams planned and executed assassinations of the terrorists involved. Click here now to read these dramatic articles.

We also must remember the fallen athletes and coaches themselves. Read about them, their lives and the monuments around the world that keep their memory alive. Click here now.

Remember, "Terror at the Games" is available nowhere else, and will not be available in book or printed form. This is a special, Internet-only presentation that will be available for a limited time only. So don't delay. Click here now and read it today.


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