Malta scenes very evident in Spielberg's Munich

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by Mario Azzopardi

Firday, 27 January, 2006

"Munich" debuts on Friday January 27 in local cinemas. Steven Spielberg spent five weeks in Malta and the various locations are evident throughout the film.

Most conspicuous are scenes in Sliema, Valletta, Bugibba, Rabat and Cospicua.

Bugibba stands for a hotel in Athens where a Palestinian terrorist is killed brutally by a bomb placed under his bed.

Spielberg made an exception use of No. 1 Dock in Cospicua for a bloody sequence where the Israeli death squad hits at a Palestinian camp, supposedly in Lebanon.

The overall budget spent was Lm 27 million. It is estimated that 9% (approximately Lm2.4 million) of the budget was spent locally. It is a high percentage, considering we do not hire filming equipment and do not offer post-production facilities

"Munich" is the first film that qualified from a rebate introduced last year after Parliament enacted the law establishing the Malta Film Commission.

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