Mastermind of the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre

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‘Abu Nidal’

Mastermind of the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre

The Munich Massacre, watched by 900 mil on TV, was nothing but Zionist false-flag propaganda







Handcuffed Israelis died in this helicopter

Soul-less Arabs threw grenades into the copter






Munich Was Another Jewish False Flag

The point was to portray Arabs as monsters, and Israel as the victim.







The massacre and rescue

On September 5, 1972, eight Palestinians from Abu Nidal's "Black September" movement seized 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany. Two were killed in the beginning, and the other nine were killed in a botched rescue. Israelis and Germans killed six terrorists.

 In a strange move, Moshe Dyan allowed the three surviving terrorists to surrender.








Eleven Israelis Killed








Three Terrorists Released

Three Black September operatives survived; Germany freed them nearly two months later for the release of passengers on a hijacked Lufthansa jet.

This took Israel's permission for the release.







Who was ‘Black September’?

This was a small group run by Abu Nidal. His various groups have hijacked over 20 airplanes, assassinated numerous Arab, Europeans, and Jews in a career that spanned 30 years. Abu Nidal started with the PLO in 1970, and then became an independent terrorist. He was behind Entebbe, Munich Massacre, and 95% of all the hijackings.








Israel plans retaliation

Jews cried for vengeance. The words ‘Never again’ (referring to 6 mil gassed) trembled on every Jew’s lips.

The Mossad activated its assassination unit, known as the Kidon - Hebrew for "bayonet." Kidon teams have been responsible for a number of high profile assassinations, including Dr. Gerald Bull, designer of the Iraqi supergun, and Nasser Issa, also known as "The Engineer," a master bomb maker for the terrorist group HAMAS.







Mossad’s top agent put on the mission

These teams would be commanded by Mike Harari, a senior Mossad agent. Over the next several years they operated from Geneva, tracking down their eleven targets. They killed some local PLO flea bags, and troublemakers.

Killed Some Miscellaneous Troublemakers

Adwan, Kamal , Al-Chir, Hussein Abad ,Al-Kubaisi, Dr. Basil Paoud ,Boudia, Mohammed ,Daoud, Abu , Haddad, Dr. Wadi, Mahshari, Mohmoud ,Nassir, Kamal , Salameh, Ali Hassan Yussuf, Abu, Zwaiter, Wael







So what’s the truth?

Abu Nidal was a Mossad operative. For 30 years, he and a few Mossad agents, led a band of gullible Arabs, which he used to stage hijackings and 900 killings (mostly Americans and Europeans). Israel is nothing but a group of ruthless Zionists, that need to portray themselves as innocent victims, and Arabs as monsters. Their goal is the Mideast oil fields, and a super nuclear terror state.

Nidal took six Arab dupes, along with two Mossad operatives, and sent them to Munich. The plan was a world stage where 11 Israelis were sacrificed for Zionism. If the story was authentic, then the Mossad would have killed Abu Nidal, and the three surviving Munich terrorists.





Here comes Spielberg

Just in time to convince you it was evil Arabs  that used a suitcase nuke on an American city






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