Spielberg is “the biggest thing ever to happen to Budapest" What?

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Wednesday, 31, August 2005 04:45:00 PM

Acclaimed director Steven Spielberg has infuriated the residents of Budapest with his disrespect of their daily lives, while filming new movie Munich, PageSix.com reported.

PageSix.com reports fuming locals have faced an array of irritations since Hollywood came to town about a month ago. They claim their cars, which were in Spielberg's way, were towed away with barely any notice. They also complain about endless traffic jams and severe warnings should they attempt to take pictures of the proceedings.

The presence of the crew only added fuel to the flames, as Budapest's leadership has been heavily criticised for the traffic jams caused by road reconstructions throughout the city. These are a constant nag to the residents and apparently and endless process in the town of several thousand potholes.

City-dwellers are particularly amazed by the Americans' arrogant attitude - as they assume Budapest should be honoured to be the Oscar-winning director's chosen location.

A source told PageSix.com, “The best part is (Spielberg's people) keep saying, 'This is the biggest thing ever to happen to Budapest,' which is true if you discount the whole Roman and Ottoman Empires, World Wars I and II, the fall of communism and the European Union's accession."

The shooting is likely to keep Budapest residents upset by the middle of September.

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