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Date: 29th September, 2005      Well, yesterday, I decided to go back and watch the filming of Steven Spielberg's "Munich" since it's the last day they're filming at this particular location. The first scene they began filming had Eric Bana's character in the passenger seat of a car while a woman is driving him. There were two giant cameras on the hood of the car and plenty of extras standing around giving the film the authentic look it needs and is currently achieving.


Earlier that day, I was walking around the street surrounded by 70s extras and not blending in well at all when I realized Spielberg was standing right next to me while having a conversation with someone. I can't even begin to tell you how badly I wanted to just walk up to him and ask for an autograph but I didn't do it. Yes, slap me now, I chickened out and will regret for a long long time.As they were setting up the camera for a next shot, I seen Spielberg using his directors viewfinder with 4 guys surrounding him waiting for him to make a decision. Most likely on the framing of the shot or which lense he would like to use. A few seconds later, I see his famous Oscar winning Director of Photography Janusz Kaminski. They did the same scene over and Spielberg began to play with someone's dog while they were shooting. Him and Kaminski began making jokes while puffing on a cigar. Eric Bana also played with the dog but he did something and the dog screamed, I guess the Hulk's hands have that affect on dogs. Seems like the cast and crew are happy to be here and they're very relaxed from what I can see. Before lunch, they began filming another dialogue scene with Bana and an actress who I couldn't get a good view of in the car. I was standing next to One of Spielberg's bodyguards and he tells me that a lot of people do stupid things around Spielberg trying to get his attention.
He said some people grab him and do various crazy stalker like things and a man like him obviously needs bodyguards. Well during the scene, I watched everything from a monitor and I seen Spielberg giving the actors direction but I couldn't hear what he was saying unfortunately. They filmed that scene about 5 times before they went to lunch. During lunch, I went and got a pizza and some garlic rolls. Damn that was good.
After lunch, all the giant lights were brought out and Spielberg and crew were shooting interiors for about 2hrs before he came back outside and began to set up the scene that involved cars driving by. Spielberg set up the shot and was walking around with his directors viewfinder. Afterwards he went back inside to finish directing the interiors. I began to think Spielberg wasn't coming back out once the 2nd unit began setting up while he was gone. About 20 minutes later some guy is speeding through the street, passing through the set with EIGHT police cars behind him. 2 minutes later, FOUR more police cars turned on the same street and I began to hear a helicopter. This by far was the craziest day on the set! About 40 minutes later Spielberg came back out and took over from the 2nd unit and directed the scene. They shot it about 2 times and called cut, IT'S A WRAP! Everyone gathered together and began to drink down some high class alcohol. I seen his famous Producer Ms. Kathleen Kennedy and another woman who worked on "Saving Private Ryan", you'll see her giving an interview on the extras. Weird accent. Spielberg made a speech and thanked everyone for their time etc.. About 20 minutes later, he began to direct the same scene again, but he did it 15 times! They did the scene and the PA's directed the cars to reverse back to their starting positions again and again and again. I guess Spielberg and crew wrapped a little bit too early. Well an hour later they finished and wrapped for good. As far as I know, "Munich" is complete. 68 days of shooting is over. More than likely, there will probably be some more pick up shots and some 2nd unit filming, but as far as I was told, filming is complete. Spielberg was quickly rushed into a Dark blue, tinted window GMC truck and sped off. I know you guys are going to be mad, but I really couldn't get any pictures today because I was extremely close to the action and his bodyguards didn't want anyone taking pictures at all! I have one pic that I took pretty fast so I hope that'll do. Right now, I'm extremely tired. I'm in the pre-production process on my film "Days In The Knight" so I'm going to be passed out in my bed till friday. Hope you enjoyed my little set visit, until the next time, Lucas.





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