Lucas finds Spielberg's "Munich"

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Posted by: Lucas Taitt
The Hollywood News
Date: 27th September, 2005

How's it going my fellow THN readers. Today was a good day for me. I arrived at the location around 11:30am where Steven Spielberg is filming his new movie called "Munich" which stars Eric Bana. I read that they were going to be filming under the bogus title "Kings Cross", so when I was speaking to a PA, he told me the bogus title and I was like "suuuuuuuuuure" then I said I thought it was "Munich" and he said No.I'm thinking he began to notice I was suspicious of his little lie so he
asked me who is the director and I told him Steven Spielberg so he
opened up to me and gave me the details. They will be filming here in New York till wednesday and the movie is nearly completed for its December release.I blended in well with the crew and was taking a few pictures till some big crew member told me I had to leave, but lucky enough, I got a few
pictures of Spielberg on the dolly track filming. Not sure if you'll be
able to see him or not but if you're able to zoom in on the picture with whatever software you have, you'll deffinately see him. He was wearing a brown hat and a brown jacket. The first scene I seen filming was mostly Exterior shots of Background action. I'm surrounded by 70s style cars.. The silver one I took a picture of is beautiful. Well, they wet up the whole street and a few cars were driving pass me. The next scene that was shot is What looks like Eric Bana's character walking up the stairs holding a baby. From what I've seen, they did the
scene again but this time he was hiding behind a tree like someone's after him.After the take, the baby Eric Bana was holding began to cry so Steven got a little toy and began to play with it in front of her to cheer her up. They begin to do the same take again, this time Spielberg is speed walking with the cameraman to make sure he is framing the shot properly.The scene they began filming after that has Eric Bana in a telephone  booth with a 70s bus that I took a picture of and cars to blend in. Sometimes you just gotta love movie magic. It began to rain later that day and I heard people complaining how movies come here and film and never contribute anything to the neighborhood. I guess sometimes people have nothing better to do than bitch. Production wrapped around 6pm.I have to admit, I'm a Spielberg fan and seeing him work had me star-struck. His work on "Saving Private Ryan" alone makes him one of the
best directors working today, if not ever! Sorry I couldn't get closer pictures. Hope these come out good. Until the next time. Lucas.

John Fergusson’ has provided us with a boatload of set pictures from Steven Spielberg’s upcoming thriller, MUNICH, starring Eric Bana. Below John gives us a description of what was happening.

I'm French so excuse me for my poor English. I heard about the shooting in Paris this week of Steven's new drama, Munich. I found out where they were filming yesterday and spend all day following the shoot, which took place in the morning at Place Saint Médard (near Rue Mouffetard where some scene from Jeunet's Amelie were shot). Eric Bana, and French actors Mathieu Kassovitz, Mathieu Amalric and Michael Lonsdale were there. Roman Polanski and french director Alain Resnais visited Steven Spielberg on the set. It was a scene in a café called La Cave Bourgogne. All Place was decorated in the 70's style with lots of old french cars (Peugeot, Citroen) and there were extras dressed 70's too. On the afternoon around 2.30 pm they were near Notre Dame at Quai de la tournelle (where one scene of Woody Allen's "Everyone Says I Love You" was shot). They put a fake phone booth and the scene was involving actor Eric Bana (and extras on bikes). There was a high security but i managed to take some videos with my camera and I'm sending you these screen captures. This is only the afternoon shoot but i can also send you the morning shoot. On this one, you can clearly see Eric, Steven and Kathleen Kennedy (eating a sandwich!). Munich is due out Dec 23rd 2005.

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