Spielberg Rushing To Finish "Munich"

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Jeudi 03 Novembre 2005

Posted:   Wednesday November 2nd, 2005 10:30pm
Source:   Contact Music
Author:   Garth Franklin
Steven Spielberg is promising his new movie about the 1972 Olympics will hit cinemas on time next month even though composer John Williams is struggling with the score reports Contact Music.

Spielberg is in a real race to complete the film, "Munich", in time for the all-important Oscars consideration period this side of Christmas. The controversial drama about the hunting down of Palestinian militants who killed 11 Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games only finished filming in late September and Williams has yet to record a single note for the soundtrack.

But Spielberg insists his film will hit cinemas on time. The question is, will it be ready for the 8th December which is the last possible day Munich can be considered for the early press awards as Golden Globe ballots are due on December 10th. With only several weeks to go before year's end and no real competition in sight, many are already locking in "Munich" as a likely awards winner in many key categories.

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