Israeli widows endorse Spielberg's 'Munich'

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New York : Steven Spielberg's new movie "Munich" has been endorsed by the widows of two participants at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, who were among those killed by Palestinian terrorists.

The controversial film has already come under fire from Israelis and Jews, who believe it distorts the true course of events and glorifies the Palestinian cause, prior to opening across the US Jan 6.

But Ilana Romano, widow of weightlifter Yosef Romano, and Ankie Spitzer, who was married to fencing coach Andre Spitzer, say the film doesn't dishonour their husbands' memories or tarnish their country's image, reports

Spitzer says: "We didn't feel it was an affront or a negative thing, or an equation between the terrorists and the people who were trying to eliminate them - not innocent people, but people who would try to make another Munich."

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